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Eugeniusz Łukasiak

I'm Graphic Designer

Long-term Associate of professor Lech Majewski; has been a crucial asset to Lech Majewski Studio since 1995. Professional graphic designer, including major projects for the publishing industry, projects related to visual identity, as well as creative websites. Moreover, semi-professional photographer, working also on video projects. The founder of Maddox Creative Studio productive group. In the period 2010–2012 lecturer of the Computer Techniques Lab at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. After hours, passionate traveller exploring new off-road territories.

Graphic Design





Graphic Designer / Photographer

After hours, I am a keen photographer, mainly documenting my travels, as well as I have been realizing proprietary video projects for the last couple of years. Obviously, I have applied my graphic’s experience into these areas of activity. Furthermore, I take great interest in new technologies, mainly related to video processing.

Lech Majewski Studio

Art Director

My main area of responsibility consisted in the design of books, mainly albums, many of which won prizes and distinctions. The processing of materials included selection, typesetting, edition, pre-press preparation, as well as supervision over the realisation. I was also responsible for the design and preparation of visual identification, applied graphics, posters, as well as creative websites.

Maddox Creative Studio

Creative Director

It is an original project catering for the needs of a broadly understood outdoor events industry. I am responsible for the overall creation of event visual identity, as well as the design and production of specialist clothing. Specific projects include the design of logos, visual identity systems, illustrations, brochures, posters and exhibition materials.

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


I ran special modules for students, including lectures and practical sessions related to the use of graphic design software, as well as the introduction to lettering, graphic design for the publishing industry, desktop publishing and print technology solutions. Moreover, I ran consultations for students, as well as computer workshops.

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Warsaw, Poland

If something in my website caught your attention or seemed interesting or you just want to ask some questions, drop me a line. Feel free to get in touch and establish co-coperation. I will respond promptly.